Our Vision:

« Based in a rural environment where the physical, mental and spiritual can develop harmoniously, our goal, through a program harmonizing activities and regeneration, is to be a blessing and experience life. »

Our Objectives:

The first is to receive anyone who wants to enjoy a rural environment conducive to rest, relaxation and regenerating activities. This program offers multiple choices based on the needs and possibilities of each, and offers practical activities for better physical, mental and social wellbeing.

The second is to equip young people for the future so they can know how to support themselves while serving those around them. This program encourages developing a knowledge for oneself through practical activities and a deeper understanding of the Bible for the purpose of sharing.

Our Team:

A competent team will guide you through this experience to rgeneration.

The association has members as a general medical doctor specializing in osteopathy, a midwife, a naturopath, as well as those experienced in wellness and massage, the competence sufficient to serve you.

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The Place available:

Far from the din of the city, surrounded by nature in a bucolic frame, enjoy the inexhaustible resources of nature and experience regeneration.

The association has established a house of wellness where you can benefit from practical activities to better manage your problems; physical, mental and social. This House of wellness at “Tourguil” is located in the town of Arifat overlooking the valley stream Rieu de l’Aze and surrounded by forest.

The buildings will provide quarters that are a little snug but we will do with what we have for now. There are plenty of fields for gardening so that the bulk of the food can be supplied from the garden. Some fruit trees provide a nice treat in their season. There are many walking trails that are a part of the gorgeous landscape.