How to get involved

This year will begin by offering stations that you may find valuable as you journey through life. For more information, please send us an email and we will send you the appropriate information. We encourage you to consider stopping at one of the stations this coming year.

- Station for Life Preparation (6 months) – February 23th to August 24th 2015

We welcome those who want to come for the purpose of being equipped for life to serve the Lord wherever he calls.
Each individual will have the opportunity to understand new things and put them into practice. This will include Bible studies, witnessing, visitation, gardening and more. The goal is that each one will be prepared to support themselves. This will enable them to have a preparation for life while experiencing life.

Manual for the Participant, 2015

Request Form for the Participant, 2015

- Station for Spiritual Refreshments (1 month) – July 24th to August 24th 2015

We welcome those who want to come for an intensive short program that is during the vacation time. It is for spiritual refreshment, not only for a deep grounding in the Scripture but also practical application.

- Wellness Station

We have a place for relaxation and refreshment in nature where all can come. During their stay they will have the choice to join in some of our activities like gardening, walking and family Bible study. This will give them the possibility to come away from their stressful lives for a short season and enjoy nature while at the same time being useful. We look forward to seeing each one who would like to visit.

You can send us an email and we will send you information that is appropriate to your interest. We can give you more information about it when you contact us.