We are offering many programs that you may find valuable as you journey through life:

- Wellness Program

Are you searching for revitalization? Would you like to distance yourself from your daily tasks and truly relax? Would you like to be recharged physically and mentally?

The house of wellness at “Tourguil” is the right place for you.

The Association Le PHARE offers multiple choices for your visit according to your needs and possibilities:

Total price per participant (18 years and older) for one session of 10 days: 500 € (includes: program, lodging, meals)

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- Program for Spiritual Refreshment

We welcome those who want to come for an intensive short program that is during the vacation time. It is for spiritual refreshment, not only for a deep grounding in the Scripture, but also with practical application. 

Date: Not available yet

- Program for Life Preparation

We welcome those who want to come for the purpose of being equipped for life to serve the Lord wherever he calls.
Each individual will have the opportunity to understand new things and put them into practice. This will include Bible studies, witnessing, gardening and more. The goal is to enable everyone to have a preparation for life while experiencing life and supporting himself.

 Date: Not available yet